Our Purchasing Policy

Conscientious of its role as a leader in the regional market, the Savoy Hotels & Resort seeks to manage a balance between social development and responsibility, environmental preservation and economic prosperity. The principles and commitments that the Savoy Group assumes daily, in its purchasing policies, reflect our respect for suppliers, collaborators and customers, allowing for an even greater confidence in our prestigious Company.
Our approach to the market, in essence, is:
To buy with responsibility – We maintain a selection process of suppliers based on rigorous and demanding criteria while taking into account the fundamental principle of sustainability.
Regular events and one-on-one meetings with most relevant suppliers are promoted to establish common objectives towards more sustainable solution ( product, packaging, transport and others).
To support regional suppliers – In equal circumstances we opt, with preference, to buy from regional suppliers. In local products, our percentage is around 20%, like local beer, fish, meat, cookies ,fruits, vegetables and others.
We contribute to the socio-economic growth of the region and avoid the long-haul transportation of goods from distant places which in turn favours environmental preservation.
To respect the environment – We seek suppliers that are committed to and put in practice to the fullest the national and international norms in this domain.
Preference for re-usable, returnable and recycled goods where available, lifecycle duration and costing are usual considerations, suppliers and products are analyzes with the 80/20 principle (quantity, impact, relevance) fact sheets in particular for toxic substances like chemicals, paints are analyzed and avoided where ever possible.
To promote healthy eating – We contribute to a healthful eating style for our workers and customers by offering the best and freshest produce available and through rigorous process of food safety and hygiene quality control.
Whenever possible purchase organic and locally grown produce.
We believe that with even these small contributions we can help effect global changes necessary to the future and humanity within its ecological framework : saving energy, more efficient residual waste management, protecting biodiversity and improving consumption habits.
When is possible we will use local companies to provide services. The Savoy Hotels & Resort is committed to actions designed to conserve and protect the environment, and will continue to implement those actions, whenever possible and economically feasible.

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